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best business ideas
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EARN 25000 RS TO 75000 RS IN MONTH

Q. What is the minimum Investments ?

                 Ans. : 1,00,000 ₹ 

Q. What is the minimum Space required ?
                 Ans. : 15sqft x 20sqft. 
Q. What is the minimum Education required? 
                 Ans. : not needed. 
Q. Is any Qualification required ?
                 Ans. : not needed. 
Q. Is there any Special training ?    
                 Ans. : not needed.  

Q.what is the Profit margin? 

                  Ans. : 20%.  
Q. How much time taken in Return of investment?
                 Ans. : 3 months.  

Q. Is there any specific Area or location required?  
                 Ans. : Any.  

Q. How many Staff member required? 

                 Ans. : 0 to 10 as required.  

Grocery shop is one of the best business ideas of old days but now a days due to malls there is depression in this business but its not a deal you can have some competitive ideas to overcome the loss due to shopping malls . you can give free delivery to the customer, you can give some competitive price.

even though there are shopping's malls but demand for traditional grocery shop has not been completely gone as for small items people will not go to malls to buy them they have to relay upon the local vendor for small and urgent need so there comes + point for us .

item like milk , vegetables will be bought on daily basis and people will not go to malls everyday to buy them so they will buy it with grocery store in their area. and grocery is one of the basic need of the human being so this business will never going to shut . this is one of the best business ideas and with the good profitability . you can also read from road to franchise.

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