Tuesday, 23 January 2018


What is the initial investment?
Around $ 150 (10,000 Rs.).

How much area should be needed?
Around 10 sq ft * 10 sq ft.

Do i have to recruit any staff?
Yes you can according to your need.

What is minimum education qualification required?
Any not necessary.

Is there any special training required?
Yes stitching and cutting training.

Return of investment?
One month.

Income per month ?
$ 150 (10,000 Rs.) to $ 750 (55,000 Rs.)

This can be one of the best home based business ideas. In last decade the trend has been changed there are very less people who prefer tailored clothes . 

so in last decade the tailors have been significantly decreased . so now there is always shortage of a tailor and now you can start this business ideas without much investment. 

This business needs some technical knowledge about cutting and stitching. you can start your own business at home and get customer from your society and friends. this is best business ideas to start.

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